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BEC’s primary investment objective is to maximize after-tax, after-fee returns while actively and thoughtfully managing risk. We serve as an Outsourced Chief Investment Officer ("OCIO") and implement our investment approach mainly through low cost and tax efficient Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).  Our solutions provide exposure to a globally diversified basket of equities, fixed income, and liquid alternative assets.  They also provide daily liquidity, an ability to support ongoing income requirements, and are augmented with timely, institutional-quality reporting capabilities.  BEC's approach is ideally suited to serve the diverse investment needs of high net worth investors, family and charitable trusts, family offices, and foundations and endowments.

Given our experience serving on foundation and endowment boards, we particularly recognize and appreciate the challenges faced by volunteer boards, including changing fiduciary requirements, the need for liquidity and transparency, and the importance of careful monitoring of investment performance and asset allocation.  We have developed the BEC model as an ideal outsourced solution to address these concerns.

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