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Photograph of the the leadership team of Blue Edge Capital

Firm Overview

Blue Edge Capital, LLC (BEC) is an independent investment management firm serving high net worth investors, family and charitable trusts, family offices, and foundations and endowments.  Our investment approach is modeled after the asset allocation strategies employed by some of the most sophisticated investors.

  • Endowment model investing, modified to substantially lower costs and to provide improved liquidity, transparency, and tax efficiency.
  • Greater diversification and reduced volatility compared to traditional investment strategies.
  • Active and thoughtful risk management.
  • Disciplined investment process that systematically optimizes asset allocation.
  • Research intensive and forward looking.

We have invested the substantial majority of our personal liquid net worth in BEC portfolios, closely aligning our own investment interests with those of our clients.

Blue Edge Capital, LLC
6641 West Broad Street Suite 405
Richmond, VA 23230
Phone: 804-673-7401
Fax: 804-477-8705