BEC Client Experience

Client Communication & Reporting

BEC clients can expect the following feedback in relation to their accounts:

  • Direct and frequent communication (in-person when desired)
  • Team based approach to client service
  • Access to a comprehensive on-line portal
  • Daily transparency on portfolio holdings, asset allocation, investment performance, recent transactions, fees, and contributions/withdrawals
  • Comprehensive monthly performance reports and quarterly letter

Custody of Client Assets

Client assets are held and safe-guarded with qualified custodians. We recommend that clients custody their assets with a low-cost provider, which helps to reduce the all-in investment cost to our clients. BEC is not affiliated with any custodian nor do we receive any compensation from them, hard or soft. One of the administrative benefits of our investment approach is the simplicity of tax reporting. Our clients receive a single Form 1099 towards the end of February, which greatly streamlines the portfolio accounting process compared to solutions that involve detailed partnership accounting.