Investment Process

Blue Edge Capital has developed a disciplined and repeatable investment process across all portfolios. Our portfolios are well diversified across multiple underlying ETFs. We select funds from various ETF sponsors in order to best capture the exposure we seek for our portfolios, and we do not believe that one provider is best-in-class within every asset class. Among the key criteria we consider in ETF selection are the underlying index, replication methodology, liquidity, market capitalization, premium and discount statistics, tracking error, and tax efficiency. We do not utilize levered or “ultra” ETFs and inverse ETFs and avoid Exchange Traded Notes (ETNs).

When required, we have multiple levers to reduce risk within our portfolios through the asset allocation process, including:

  • Raising cash balances
  • Increasing fixed income exposures
  • Reducing duration and/or credit exposures
  • Reducing exposure to more volatile areas within the equity markets (e.g. small caps, emerging markets)
  • Increasing exposure to liquid alternatives in diversifying/defensive areas

Risk Management

Blue Edge Capital takes a proactive approach to risk management, and we have numerous controls in place to promote the highest standards of professional conduct and to ensure proper safeguarding of information and data.