Portfolio Characteristics

BEC manages three families of diversified investment portfolios, including our Global and Traditional Portfolios as well as our ESG Portfolios. Each BEC Portfolio is designed to provide a different risk/return profile to meet the unique investment objectives and risk tolerance of an individual client. Our BEC Global Portfolios offer global exposure to four primary asset classes: domestic equity, international equity, global fixed income, and liquid alternatives. Our Traditional Portfolios take a more U.S. focused approach, while providing modest exposure to international stocks. Our ESG Portfolios offer an investment solution for those seeking socially responsible or sustainable investing. All of our portfolios are diversified across asset classes, geographies, market capitalizations, industry sectors, and style, and our exposure to each primary asset class is governed by strict policy ranges. Important attributes of BEC portfolios include:

  • Global, multi-asset investment strategy
  • Designed to meet fiduciary standards
  • Reduced portfolio volatility
  • Improved portfolio transparency
  • Full portfolio liquidity
  • Daily performance reporting
  • Tax efficiency/Low turnover
  • Low all-in investment cost
  • Separate account implementation

BEC Global Portfolios


The Global Portfolios are our most diversified offerings, which are based on an "endowment model" approach that provides significant exposure to global markets across asset classes and modest exposure to liquid alternatives.

Global Equity
  • Domestic Equity45%
  • International Equity45%
  • Liquid Alternatives10%
  • ETF holdings15-25
Global Growth
  • Domestic Equity37%
  • International Equity37%
  • Global Fixed Income16%
  • Liquid Alternatives10%
  • ETF holdings20-35
Global Balanced
  • Domestic Equity30%
  • International Equity30%
  • Global Fixed Income30%
  • Liquid Alternatives10%
  • ETF holdings20-35
Global Growth & Income
  • Domestic Equity20%
  • International Equity20%
  • Global Fixed Income50%
  • Liquid Alternatives10%
  • ETF Holdings20-35

BEC Traditional Portfolios


The Traditional Portfolios are more U.S-centric with an 80/20 domestic/international equity split, domestic-only fixed income allocation, and no exposure to liquid alternatives.

Traditional Equity
  • Domestic Equity80%
  • International Equity20%
  • ETF Holdings12-20
Traditional Growth
  • Domestic Equity64%
  • International Equity16%
  • U.S. Fixed Income20%
  • ETF Holdings15-25
Traditional Balanced
  • Domestic Equity52%
  • International Equity13%
  • U.S. Fixed Income35%
  • ETF Holdings15-25
Traditional Growth & Income
  • Domestic Equity40%
  • International Equity10%
  • U.S. Fixed Income50%
  • ETF Holdings15-25
  • Domestic Equity45%

BEC ESG Portfolios


The ESG Portfolios offer an investment solution for those seeking socially responsible investments. The underlying ETFs incorporate environmental, social, and governance (“ESG”) factors into their construction.

ESG Equity
  • Domestic Equity70%
  • International Equity30%
  • ETF holdings5-12
ESG Balanced
  • Domestic Equity50%
  • International Equity20%
  • Fixed Income30%
  • ETF holdings10-20