Individuals & Families

Since we implement our investment approach primarily through low cost and tax efficient Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), our portfolios are ideally suited for individuals & families looking to maximize after-tax and after-fee investment returns. All of our client relationships are direct, and we do not utilize brokers, investment consultants, or other third parties to help us attract new assets, which improves communication and lowers the all-in cost to our clients. We spend a great deal of time making sure our clients fully understand how we approach investing, what fees are involved, and what to expect in terms of performance reporting and ongoing communication. BEC team members are always available and happy to discuss current developments in the financial markets.

We pride ourselves on communicating openly with our clients and providing full transparency about the investments we own, the decisions we make, and the advisory fees that we charge. 

Endowments & Foundations

Our team has served in leadership roles with many of the leading non-profit organizations in our region, including those involved in education, the arts, and healthcare. As such, we are familiar with many of the fiduciary challenges and pitfalls faced by investment committee trustees, including rotating board membership, limited or weak investment options, dated information flow (and thus slow-footed decision making), and limited manager transparency. These challenges often lead to disappointing investment performance, which is a key reason so many investment committees are moving away from traditional investment consultants and towards OCIO managers like BEC. We founded our firm with the goal of providing a better investment solution for small foundations and endowments.

We find that our non-profit clients consider the members of our team as an extension of their in-house staff and leadership teams. And, we often provide education and training to new Board members, particularly as it relates to our BEC investment approach, the investment policy statement, spending policy, and the like.

We have been closely involved in the creation and revision process for investment policy statements (IPS) customized to meet a client's individual risk tolerance, return expectations, and spending needs. Most of our non-profit clients have annual spending policies ranging from 4% to 5% of assets, and several of our portfolios are designed to support this level of spending while protecting the purchasing power of the corpus over time.

Corporations, Pensions & Retirement Plans

We founded BEC to address the unique investment needs of fiduciary assets, including corporations governed by boards and retirement plans regulated under ERISA. We are familiar with many of the fiduciary challenges where corporate shareholders and plan beneficiaries are considerations, and we feel our investment approach addresses these governance issues.

We view our client relationships as long-term partnerships, and we hope that our clients consider our team as an extension of their in-house staff and leadership. We often assist our clients with the development of their Investment Policy Statement (IPS), the completion of annual audits and Form 5500s, and other overall governance needs.

Family Trusts

Our team members are familiar with the fiduciary challenges for individual, family and charitable trusts, and we developed our investment solution to suit both income and principal beneficiaries where often goals don't align. Given our globally diversified and indexed approach, we eliminate many of the manager selection risks associated with active management for trustees. Our team understands the complexities of trusts and works well with estate lawyers and accountants in the administration of the trust.