Why Blue Edge Capital

We have learned the challenges faced by most investors through our prior experience at investment advisory firms focused on active management, our roles on foundation and endowment boards, and our own personal experience as individual investors. As a result of these experiences, we believe that:

    • Most portfolios are not adequately diversified across asset classes, geographies, sectors, and market capitalizations.
    • While investment information has become a commodity, many investors do not have the time and experience to react to changing market conditions in a timely and disciplined manner.
    • Open and regular communication with clients is essential. Nothing can replace direct access to the investment team.
    • Transparency and liquidity matter, particularly in times of market volatility.

In addition, many investors have underperformed the market in recent years due in large part to (i) the tendency to chase yesterday’s outperforming manager or asset class, (ii) the lack of consistent portfolio oversight, (iii) poor market timing decisions, (iv) inadequate portfolio diversification, and (v) high management fees, transaction costs, and taxes. We formed BEC to address these challenges and believe that our investment approach and disciplined asset allocation process represents a new way forward in asset management.

20-Year Annualized Returns by Asset Class, 1999 - 2019